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    Heathergems is a family run business based in Scotland that has handcrafted a wide variety of jewelry since the 1950's. The company was formally established in 1970 as the only manufacturers of the unique and imaginative Scottish jewelry.

    Heather grows abundantly in the highlands of Scotland, and as it ages it provides little benefit to the environment and to the local wildlife. Heathergems are made from the woody stems of aging heather.

    The stems are gathered and stripped of bark, then cleaned to prepare them for what follows. The heather is then dyed in various shades that are meant to reflect the natural hues found in the Scottish highlands.

    Newly dyed heather stems of various colors are combined and compressed into blocks using enormous amounts of pressure. The blocks are carefully cut by expert craftspeople, by hand, using a band-saw. The final step is to lacquer them in order to bring out the brilliance of the colors and to make them smooth to the touch.

    Every Heathergem that's created is different from the last, and any piece that you own is the only quite like it in the world.